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The Lang Exterior, Inc.™ Guide to Windows

Windows by Lang Exterior, Inc.™

  • Awning Windows hinge from the top and crank outward.
  • Bay Windows project outward and can have double hung or casement windows on the ends with a picture window in the middle.
  • Bow Windows project outward with a curve and combine casement and picture windows.
  • V-Bay Windows are two-lite projected windows consisting of two casements.
  • Double Hung Windows contain two sashes that both move up and down.  Also, both top and bottom sashes on the Lang Exterior double hung tilt in for easy cleaning.
  • Casement Windows hinge on the side and crank outward and can be used in combination with stationary lites. Lang Exterior sells casement windows in single casement, 2-lite, 3-lite, 4-lite, 5-lite, and custom configurations.
  • Glass Block Windows are made up of individual glass blocks mortared together and have an option to come with a vent.
  • Garden Windows are a projected window with side trapezoid windows that can open for ventilation and have an optional glass shelf available.
  • Hopper Windows hinge from the bottom and open inward.
  • The Mechanical Window’s frame is screwed together with welded sashes.
  • Oriel Windows are a double-hung window where one sash is taller than the other.
  • Picture Windows are a non-operating, stationary window.
  • Slider Windows open by sliding to the left and right.
  • Storm Windows mount outside a normal window for protection and insulation in bad weather or winter.