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The largest source of heat loss in a consumer’s home could be greatly improved upon when purchasing an R5 window. It may be possible to reduce your energy bills by *40% when using an R5 window in a home.

Windows in the United States represent 30% of heating and cooling energy in buildings. That is an annual 4.31 quad trillion b.t.u. of primary energy consumption.

Practical approaches using high valued materials with reasonable cost equal a green window that allows the home owner to save on energy bills. Having multiple chambers in a window provides optimum thermal performance.

In cold and  mixed climates, home buyers can save energy and money through the use of R5 windows. This may result in considerable savings from a lowered heating bill.

Home owners can effectively lower lifetime energy costs, while improving home climate control, room comfort, and potential acoustic characteristics. Depending on the structure, three pane R5 windows can moderately to significantly lower noise levels compared to standard double pane windows.

*Building details are consistent with the National Fenestration Rating Council draft procedure 901 and values were calculated using the RESFEN modeling system. While there is no “typical” house, estimates have been made to represent a 3,000 sq. ft., 2-story home with 15-18% window to wall ratio and estimated average costs for the area. Values are therefore presented to be demonstrational only. Actual results will depend on the specifics of any home. The information provided above is to the best of our knowledge, and is based on proper installation. This information was provided by Guardian Glass Co.


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