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Are you interested in becoming more energy efficient?

Enhanced Glass Package

With Lang’s New Enhanced LowE and Argon Package you can save money on your energy bills, and become more energy efficient. In these environmentally friendly times feel good about the investment in your new windows by keeping them working.

Energy Benefits

The challenge

Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is a challenge when temperatures fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, throughout the day, between seasons, and across climate zones. According to U.S Government estimates, an average household spends more than 40% of its annual energy budget on heating and cooling.

Keeping you cool when it’s hot outside

The Enhanced Glass Package has been specifically designed to keep interior temperatures comfortable when the outdoor temperature heads for higher or lower digits. Homeowners are now able to maximize day light and enjoy the view, while keeping air conditioning costs to a minimum.

Keeping you comfortable in any climate

In mild climates or in climates that enjoy mild seasons, southern and western elevations of a home can be exposed to significant unwanted solar heat gain. The result is a higher temperature in rooms that are exposed to the sun, while the rest of your home and the air outside remain at a comfortable level. The Enhanced Glass Package greatly reduces this effect and helps maintain a uniform comfort level throughout the house.

In addition to providing relief from the intense heat of the sun, the Enhanced Glass Package also provides superior insulating performance during the cold nights of winter by efficiently reflecting the heat of your furnace back into the house.

All windows with Enhanced Low E and Argon Package will come with labels stating U factor .30 and SHGC .30 or under.

The Science of Comfort

The Enhanced Glass Package helps keep indoor temperatures comfortable regardless of outside elements. Homeowners save money on utility bills all year long, in any climate.

Product Highlights:

Specifically designed to deliver maximum comfort and energy efficiency for climates that routinely experience intense heat.

Decreases fading transmission.

Industry standard for color neutrality.

HT- comfortable appearance, solar and thermal performance.

DHT- comparable appearance, where solar and thermal performance attributes are less critical.

*Building details are consistent with the National Fenestration Rating Council draft procedure 901 and values were calculated using the RESFEN modeling system. While there is no “typical” house, estimates have been made to represent a 3,000 sq. ft., 2-story home with 15-18% window to wall ratio and estimated average costs for the area. Values are therefore presented to be demonstrational only. Actual results will depend on the specifics of any home. The information provided above is to the best of our knowledge, and is based on proper installation.

*The Above information is provided by Guardian Glass Co.


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